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Blockchain and the future of gaming

With a background as a professional athlete and an MSc in Psychology, Auryn Macmillan is an atypical addition to the blockchain space, but brings a unique perspective as a result. After lurking the cryptocurrency subreddits and forums for several years, Auryn became active in the Ethereum space in the lead up to the launch of The DAO as he co-founded DAOhub; the forum and de facto home of The DAO’s community which would eventually host the largest crowdfunding campaign only to be the front line of spectacularly catastrophic events that followed in the wake of The DAO hack.Since then, Auryn has worked as a freelance adviser and communications/community manager for some of the most recognizable projects in the ethereum space, with hands on experience in multiple token launches.
His long term passion for video games has now lead him to take up a full time opportunity with FirstBlood.io, as their community director, using blockchain technology to shape the future of competitive esports.

Auryn’s presentation will give a high level overview of some of the novel applications of blockchain technology to the gaming industry that are being developed by various projects in the space, along with talking through some more radical ideas that may yet emerge.

Backgrounds, Blockchains and Trust

What do we really know about people we choose to interview and hire? Rohan explores opportunities to improve trust and certainty in the hiring market.


Rohan is a Strategy Manager at Seek and leads Seek’s interest in Blockchain technology. Rohan is focused on the candidate side of the Seek employment business in Australia, working on projects to improve candidate engagement and selection efficiency.

Rohan started his career with The Boston Consulting Group as a management consultant, and joined Seek after 9 years at ANZ Banking Group in strategy, pricing and treasury roles.

Rohan has a Chemical Engineering degree from UNSW and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Community Soap box

Every meeting we encourage the community to come forward and talk for 2-3mins (at most) on any blockchain projects you are working on. We will give airtime to 4 individuals or groups, please message us 3 weeks in advance with your content

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